Expedited International Shipping - Interlane Logistics

Expedited Shipping Services

Interlane Logistics Inc. takes the necessary precautions to ensure that your shipments are truly expedited. We stick to well-maintained vehicles with a team of skilled drivers and a savvy expedited shipping plan created by our logistics specialists. Thanks to these precautions, our team never struggles to complete your expedited shipments on time. 

Steps We Take When Expediting Your Shipment

Reliable Vehicles

We ensure a selection of well-maintained vehicles that are ready to strive from point A to B, this eliminates the risks of vehicle breakdowns along the way.

Team of drivers

Operating/driving times create a time burden when shipping your product. Interlane Logistics Inc. will ensure to align a team of skilled drivers for your expedited shipment, while following the rules and regulations of operating/driving times.

on demand

Expedited shipments are often last-minute, based in a remote area, and have very specific needs. With our wide range of availability, we will never lack on supplying vehicles, planning, and a team of drivers on demand.