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Full Truck Load Logistic Services

Full truckload services, commonly referred to as FTL, is a type of shipping whereby a truck carries one dedicated shipment. In other words, your shipment will not be combined with others. No matter the equipment (dry van shipping, reefer transport, flatbed transport, Rail & More) or distance (Long-Haul or Short-Haul) we can schedule a FTL to your needs. 

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Full Truck Load Shipping Features:

pickup & delivery appointments

If your shipment is time sensitive or requires strict pickup/delivery appointments, our logistics specialists will always recommend shipping your freight as a Full Truck Load (FTL). Interlane Logistics Inc. ensures that there are no stops in between, avoiding any delays in the shipping process.

No size & weight restrictions

Considering that your freight is within the dimensions of the equipment being used for your shipment, shippers can utilize the entire space and weight capacity allowing for more versatility.

touchless from pickup to delivery

If your product is fragile, expensive, or both - sending your shipment as a FTL will ensure its security. When sending your goods as a FTL, it is our job to make sure that the shipment does not cross-dock (transfer into another warehouse/truck), does not mix with other goods, and is only touched by the shipper & the receiver.