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Ship via Refrigerated Transport Service

Refrigerated transport service (Reefer trucking) plays an important role in the shipping world. It helps link manufacturers/producers of perishable goods with consumers across the globe. A Reefer is a temperature-controlled van designed to carry perishable goods at specific temperatures. Whether you need your perishable items cooled, heated or frozen, a reefer transport will do the job.

Reefer Specifications: 

  • Length: 53′ 
  • Width: 8’5″
  • Height: 9′
  • Max Weight: 43,500 lbs

Interlane Logistics Inc. has dependable availability for 53′ Reefer’s across all provinces & states in North America.

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Reefer Transport Features:

Temporary Refrigirated Storage Solution

As much as Reefer's are useful for transporting your perishable goods, they are also used for storage, making it ideal for a wide range of temperature controlled storage solutions on land.

Wind & Waterproof

Have the peace of mind while transporting your pershiable goods, Interlane Logistics Inc. only uses certified wind & waterproof reefer trailers, ensuring that your product arrives at the perfect temperature.

Temperature Adjustable

The temperature on Reefer trailers is easily adjustable to meet your needs, the temperature could be adjusted between -30°C to +30°C.