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Storage Trailers & Containers

A storage trailer or storage container is any regularly manufactured box that is made of aluminum, it is used solely for the storage of commodities at a fixed site for extended periods of time. At Interlane Logistics Inc. we work closely with renters to assign them with the type of storage trailer or container that fits their needs. 

All of our storage solution trailers/containers are safety approved and sealed safely to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Please contact us for further information on our storage solutions. 

Storage Trailer Features

On-Site Storage

A storage trailer/container will act as an extension to your existing warehouse or storage space. You will have access to all of your items at the comfort of your original facility, ultimately making it much easier to access your inventory.

Mobile Storage

Your inventory can quickly be transferred into another facility or moved around if needed to be. All of our trailers are safety approved, meaning they can be moved at anytime. Whether it is within the facility or transported abroad, the flexibility is endless.

wind & water proof

Our well-maintained storage trailers/containers come equipped with high end exterior aluminum which will keep your products safe from wind and water.