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Food & Beverage Logistics

Food and beverage logistics require timely and consistent services to meet consumer demands.
Therefore, we’ve developed custom food transportation services tailored to food and beverage industry needs.

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Reliable and High-Quality Food Transportation Services

Perishability, health standards, safety regulations, and long distances are only a few of the many challenges faced by the food and beverage industry while transporting their products to their respective destinations. Food and beverage are temperature-sensitive shipments that often require special carriers and dedicated facilities, such as refrigerators.

Shipping these items requires a special food logistics service, and we can provide you with reliable, consistent, and best food and beverage logistics solutions for the supply chain needs specific to the food and beverage industry.

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Food Transportation

What is included in our Food Transportation Services?

Knowing the food and beverage industry, we know that fast and reliable product delivery is important to your business. Therefore, we have specialized equipment to transport your products with efficiency. From the dry van facility to the refrigerated shipping carrier network, GPS tracking to the temperature-controlled environment, we ensure timely and safe food logistics service for your products. Our food transportation company ensures:

  • Food grade transportation services
  • GPS tracking
  • Specialized food logistics
  • Optimized supply chain strategy
  • And more

The Interlane Difference

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On Schedule

Across Canada, USA & Mexico. Interlane Logistics has got you covered with a range of networks which depart daily.

Cost savings

Cost Savings

Let our experts at Interlane Logistics find you the most cost-effective food and beverage logistics solution for your shipping lanes.

Secure Service

Secure Load

Interlane Logistics Inc. is a fully licensed & insured food logistics company. Our team utilizes the necessary cargo control equipment to secure any type of commodity.


Expert Service

Our team of Logistics Specialists understands the equipment you need and the region you are shipping to.

Yes, we have a diverse fleet of reefers for food logistics service, also known as refrigerated trucks, to make sure that your perishables reach their destinations without spoilage.

Yes, we make sure to follow and stay compliant with all food regulations while transporting. Our food and beverage logistics specialists are experts when it comes to the safety and transportation regulations.

Our food and beverage logistics solutions are adaptable to a wide variety of products. We guarantee the highest quality of sanitation and safety protocols while transporting edibles. We make sure that all of our drivers and handlers are highly trained to safely store and transport goods for the food and beverage industry.

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