Machinery Logistics

We are experts in handling the shipment, machinery logistics, and delivery of heavy equipment and oversized machinery used in various industries with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Heavy Equipment and Machinery Transportation Services

We are a reliable and licensed shipping company providing machinery transportation and logistics services for heavy equipment, bulky machinery, and relevant parts with special care and precision. Our machinery logistics solutions are not only safe and industry-specified, but they are also cost-effective.

We understand that machinery transportation can be challenging due to its size, weight, and many other challenges. However, we can help overcome all of these challenges with our industry knowledge and highly-trained, skillful, and experienced staff.

Machinery Transportation
Conestoga truck in the woods

What to Expect from our Machinery Transportation Services?

Our experienced carrier network makes sure that every phase of machinery transportation is well-managed with the most advanced and updated fleet of specialized heavy haul equipment. We guarantee that your heavy machinery is hauled in the most secure way, avoiding any difficulties or complications along the way. Our machinery transportation and logistics services offer:

  • A vast network of carriers
  • Modern fleet to ensure safety
  • Comprehensive and quick transportation plans
  • GPS tracking
  • Excellent customer service
  • Regular truck inspection by experts

The Interlane Difference

Daily Calendar

On Schedule

Across Canada, USA & Mexico. Interlane Logistics has got you covered with a range of networks which depart daily.

Cost savings

Cost Savings

Let our experts at Interlane Logistics find you the most cost-effective machinery transportation solution for your shipping lanes.

Secure Service

Secure Load

Interlane Logistics Inc. is a fully licensed & insured machinery logistics company. Our team utilizes the necessary cargo control equipment to secure any type of commodity.


Expert Service

Our team of Logistics Specialists understands the equipment you need and the region you are shipping to.

We offer machinery transportation services for a wide variety of machinery, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, manufacturing machinery, production line machinery and more.

The overall cost to transport heavy machinery depends on various factors, including the distance of transport, the type and size of machinery, and so on. However, our rates are highly competitive. For a free quote, please contact us.

Yes, we have insurance to cover any damage that may occur during machinery transportation.

Get in touch today for your Machinery transportation and logistics needs.