7 Reasons You Should Use a Dry Van Transport Service

A dry van encompasses shipping products within an enclosed trailer, guaranteeing protection against external elements to keep your cargo safe. Let’s take a better look at why you should consider using a dry van.
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Dry van transportation is a prevalent and multipurpose shipping method utilized for transporting goods or products. However, if you’re not aware of what the term means, here’s a short explanation.

Is a Dry Van the Same as a Reefer Trailer?

At the first glance, they might look similar, although they are not the same thing. The biggest difference between a dry van and a reefer trailer is that reefers are equipped with temperature-controlling equipment, meaning that the environment within them is refrigerated.

When it comes to transportation, dry vans ship everyday-use goods such as items that can be packed on pallets and boxes. On the other hand, reefers usually carry cargo that require controlled transportation temperatures due to the risk of spoilage, such as pharmaceuticals, candles, and dairy products.

What Can Be Transported In a Dry Van

Dry van transportation is a versatile option that can transport a wide range of products and goods, including:

7 Reasons to Use Dry Van Transport Service

1. Protection from the Elements

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With its four walls enclosing the entire space within, the dry van offers unparalleled protection to transported goods from any possible external harm. Perhaps one of its most significant features is its capability to shield commodities against inclement weather, which makes it a reliable option for shipping even during extreme environmental conditions.

2. Theft Protection

Unlike flat deck trucks or curtain-side trucks, dry van transportation offers increased protection against theft. With a locked container, your shipment is not easily accessible, reducing the risk of theft during transit.

3. Cost Savings

If you are looking for the most practical and economical option for a long-distance shipment, a dry van might be a good thing to look at. This method of transportation doesn’t require any additional services or unique shipping activities making them a widely accessible from a range of carriers. This on its own lowers the initial price of the shipment, making a dry van transportation service a desirable option for companies looking to reduce their shipping expenses.

4. Damage Prevention

External factors such as objects and rocks tend to cause damages during the long-distance transportation of goods, making it challenging for logistics. However, the utilization of dry van trailers that provide enclosed spaces ensures that the risk from external factors is eliminated. Thanks to their sturdy structure and damage-resistant materials, these trailers ensure safety for goods during transit.

5. Reliability

In the logistics industry, dry van transportation is one of the most prevalent ways of shipping freight. These trailers provide customized scheduling for the pickup and on-time delivery of goods, making them a reliable choice. Several truck companies also offer tracking systems to monitor the movement of items from origin to destination, providing peace of mind by enabling you to know exactly when the goods will arrive. Additionally, full truckload transportation is known for its quick turnaround times.

6. Ease of Loading and Unloading

Most dry van trailers have lift gates that descend on motorized decks, doing away with the need for forklifts or loading docks. Trailers that don’t have a lift gate can be backed up to a dock that is the same height as the dry van floor. This will enable easy loading and unloading of cargo.

7. Stronger Floors

In a dry van, the floors are known for having exceptional strength and resilience. This feature is particularly beneficial because it allows you to conveniently navigate a tow motor onto the trailer to retrieve cargo. While opting for a recent-model, premium quality trailer is recommended to ensure that its flooring can accommodate the weight of heavy equipment.

Is Dry Van a Good Choice for You?

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When considering a safe and effective method of transportation a dry van can easily be one of the top picks. However, there are some things to look out for, for example, dry vans’ storage capacity is lacking, compared to flatbeds. So if you have a lot of cargo to carry, or you want the truck to be full, this may not be the best option for shipping.

Another thing to consider is the route of shipping. If there is any possibility that wildlife, such as bears or wolves, can damage your goods during transportation dry van might not be the best pick. It’s usually not equipped with cages and other animal containment features.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a shipping method with a significantly lower cost, that’s safe and always readily available, especially at the times when you need it the most, a dry van seems like the best option.

Why Use Interlane Dry Van Transport Service

Interlane is a reliable Canadian transportation company that offers Dry Van Trucking service for businesses that require transportation of solid items that do not need temperature control or refrigeration. With access to high-quality, advanced dry van trailers and a focus on providing complete protection and safety to all goods, our customers will be granted 100% theft-free and safe deliveries. Additionally, the company offers a customized dry van freight solution and exceptional customer service.